We offer a full range of watch and clock restoration and repair services for our UK and international clients

Our workshop is based in Bristol, find us at 13 The Arcade, Broadmead Bristol BS1 3JA [View on Google Maps]
Call or WhatsApp us at: +447745527936 , and e-mail us for a free repair quote at

Please make yourself aware of our warranty terms and conditions, as our guarantee does not cover damage incurred from misuse, dropping, etc., and from instances where the guidelines have not been followed.


  • All basic watch servicing and repairs
  • Complicated and high-grade Swiss watch repairs
  • Vintage watch repairs and restorations
  • Clock repairs and restorations, incl. antique clocks
  • Watch case re-sealing, waterproofing
  • Watch/clock glass cutting and polishing
  • Bespoke and custom watch creations, modifications
  • Watch case design and machining
  • Watch parts machining, lathe works
  • Laser cutting and engraving (metal/ceramics)
  • Leather strap shape/size customisation

Your beloved Swiss watch is worthy of a high-quality, thorough professional service, and not a ‘Repair Everything’ street level attempt. Our workshop is fully equipped and our team has 15+ years experience in watch repairing, restorations and even making our own watches.

Our prices are approximately 40% lower than the average London servicing cost, and way lower compared to official Swiss servicing quotes. We do all of our repairs instore, and do not send anything off to brand repair services, meaning that repairs are faster and more affordable. Feel free to email us to get your repair quote – we don’t charge for estimates and diagnostics.

Please see some examples of our works below. We offer a photo-story report for your timepiece service upon request.


We provide FREE work scope and price estimates. Please send us a photos of your timepiece with all its visible defects, as well as a short description what is wrong with it (not running, hands not setting, rattles etc). E-mail for inquiries: or WhatsApp +447745527936.


Watch Case Creations:

Vintage and Antique Restoration Projects:


Our Clean Room at the first floor features special green flooring, high definition light and air cleaning. We use the latest and most effective cleaning fluids for parts washing (Elma, AF Swiss), oiling maps and officially recommended Swiss oils (Moebius line), and best performance greases for watch case sealing (Bergeon, Seiko). We constantly work to update our equipment to provide the highest quality services for our clients.

For typical watch repairs:

  • Timegraphers – 3 different types for cross-check
  • Elma mechanical watch cleaning machine (Germany)
  • Ultrasonic machines x2
  • Elma Germany vacuum WR testing machine -1 ATM
  • Greiner Swiss automatic pression WR testing machine +5 ATM
  • Portescap Swiss manual pression WR testing machine +5 ATM
  • Manual water pression case only WR testing machine +12 ATM
  • Boley & Star staking sets (Germany)
  • Favorite Swiss / microscrew jewelling staking sets
  • Binocular microscopes x5, TV-microscope
  • Case openers assorted
  • Precision glass mounting press x2
  • UV rotary table kiln 36W
  • Balancing, poising, etc micro machines

For watch/clock parts machining:

  • Micro lathe 8mm (Germany) w/microscope
  • Micro lathe 8mm (custom made) w/microscope
  • Cowells 90ME Lathe (England)
  • Pultra 8mm lathe (England)
  • Boley precision micro drill (Germany)
  • Valjoux perlage machine (Swiss)
  • Polishing / satin finish machine
  • Manual microdrills
  • Dental sandblasting setup 6 ATM
  • Laser engraving machine 3-axis, 30W
  • Geneva Stripe CNC machine, 3-axis 2200W


Warranty is provided for fully repaired/serviced items (except partial repair), subject to the usage and care guidelines. We can’t provide full warranty for partially repaired items (for example, just a crown replacement or scratched crystal replacement).

High grade modern waterproof watches12 months (for exceptional item condition 24 months)
Vintage watches, Pocket watches6 months (for exceptional item condition 12 months)
Mechanical clocks, high grade12 months
Standard battery replacement w/o movement servicing6 months
Watch case re-sealing with all gaskets replacement6 months
Particular warranty terms will be noted in Order Service Invoice.

We accept all kinds of card & contactless payments in shop or via e-mail invoicing

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