How to package your timepiece for safe posting

We recommend a combination of soft and hard packaging:

  • A small cardboard box (if the box is too big you’ll have to pack it with more soft materials to stop the watch from rattling around).
  • Bubble wrap or similar.
  • (Optional) cling film.

Optional Step:

If the timepiece doesn’t have any crystal covering the dial, or if the crystal is severely cracked, extra care must be taken as the dial is the most delicate part of the watch. Using cling film, very gently wrap it around the watch to provide extra protection, before wrapping in bubble wrap.

Step 1:

Wrap the timepiece carefully in the bubble wrap so that it is completely protected and cannot be scratched against anything.

Step 2:

Pack the wrapped timepiece into the cardboard box. Make sure that nothing rattles around when the box is closed! We don’t want the timepiece to incur any extra damage on its journey. Pack extra with more bubble wrap or pieces of cloth if needed.


Please do not include boxes, pocket watch chains, watch documents and other accompanying items not subjected to repair.

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