“Scarab Beetle” gold pendant watch restoration, ca 1850’s

Very rare pendant watch made in Switzerland circa 1850’s. Being a sacred symbol in Ancient Egypt, “Scarab amulet” artifacts became quite popular in age of manifold Egypt expeditions. These “Beetle” watches were spectacular ladies gadget pending on a longer gold chain.

Solid gold hand-made case with finely engraved jewel set body. Neck with pasted diamonds, small beryls in eyes.

Wings with guilloche and classig red enamel glazing.

Case bottom with high detailed engraving. Whole size of the thing is just over 50 mm.

Case opens with pushing the knob on tail. Wings uncover enamel dial secured with glass, crystal. More engravings inside.

Gold inner cuvette with holes for winding and setting by the key. Many scratches from keys.

The movement is classic cylinder escapement, special oval shape. Also needs some attention.

After cleaning, the movement and the steel parts are lightly polished. Fully cleaned, working well.

Thin gold cuvette is delicate polished, scratches are removed.

It is worth to see details of carving. Hand-made 160+ years ago!

This is “Scarab Beetle” and some people have read the scary legend about it. Don’t you think the legend might be true and people wore that as a sign of good luck? But, unfortunately, we don’t know that yet…

Status: backatalogue restoration project

Addendum: About Scarab (artifact)