ZENITH Chronograph – watch dial restoration

Dial refinish is rather expensive part of restoration work. In most cases we can’t just “clean” the dial and need to reproduce all paint layers from metal plate up to fixing varnish.

This dial arrived from customer in rough condition. Stain, wearing – the damage is permanent, corrosion inside the paint layer can’t be cleaned and must be fully re-painted.

We will keep the original metal dial plate and make a new print on it.

First, we scan dial and prepare in CAD vector dial layout to print on the original plate. Every digit and every line should be repeated as on the original one. Some tachymeter elements are unreadable, but intuitively, we can reproduce it as well.

The original dial paint was cleaned to the metal layer.

Pad printing work sequence:

  1. surface preparation with primer
  2. silver base layer painting
  3. every layer dried in dust free work box
  4. murrey tachymeter scale printing / drying
  5. upper black layer printing / drying
  6. protection varnish apply / final drying

The whole work needs the same tooling as making a batch dial production, but only one item is finally printed.

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