Photo Guide: How to Take Quality Pictures of your Timepiece

Your Photo’s Should:

  • Clearly show the problems with the watch and the parts that need to be fixed – to get a correct cost estimate, we need to see all of the issues (e.g. a broken dial, cracked or scratched crystal, broken or missing hands, etc.).
  • Be clearly visible and not blurry – a common mistake is holding the camera/phone too close to the object, which will cause the picture to be blurred.

You don’t have to use any fancy equipment, just your phone camera is fine. Hold the phone approximately 5 inches from the watch to take the picture.

Take the photographs in natural lighting if you can, but not in direct sunlight as this can be blinding and reflect off the object. A tip: if taking the photo in direct sunlight, shield the object with a sheet of paper.

If possible, open the watch case and photograph the movement – this is probably only necessary if your timepiece has stopped working – check the movement for rust, as this is a sure sign that the watch will need some parts replaced.

If these steps are all followed correctly, we will have a collection of technically comprehensible photographs that will help us come up with a correct estimate for the service.

Notes to provide alongside the photographs:

  • Whether the watch can be wound.
  • Whether it still runs.
  • If the hand setting function still works.
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