About German Polosin Ltd.

Bristol Workshop & Boutique

The Horological Underground Boutique has been in business since 2019 in the UK. At The Arcade – a part of the Bristol city centre shopping quarter. The Arcade was built in 1825, it’s historical shopping street connecting the Broadmead and Horsefair streets.

We occupy a 5-floor premises including:

  • Boutique shop of luxury and unusual timepieces, including a selection of affordable items.
  • Horological repair and servicing workshop fully-equipped for all kinds of repair and restoration.
  • Metalworking and machining workshop for watch parts making and finishing, including laser engraving facilities.

Address: 13, The Arcade, Bristol, BS13JA, United Kingdom

Phone/WhatsApp: +447745527936

E-Mail: german.polosin@gmail.com 

Moscow Workshop

Our Moscow workshop has been in business since 2006. It is situated inside the famous Konstantin Chaykin horological manufactory, where renowned AHCI grade timepieces are being created.

We provide a full set of servicing, repair and bespoke watch making operations, including watch parts machining and finishing together with the Konstantin Chaykin manufactory.

Address: Moscow 115407, Rechnikov, 15 k. 2

Phone/WhatsApp: +79850960114

E-Mail: german.polosin@gmail.com

About German Polosin

German Polosin, the founder, is a watch collector and watchmaker. Since 2006 he has worked with vintage/antique and complicated watches. With a background in IT/PM/Consulting, he started his horological career as merely a hobby, but his passion for timepieces has led to him developing his own professional services as a master-watchmaker, founding a private horological atelier, the PG Watch Manufactory.

Mainly specialising in vintage watch restoration and watch case making, German has handled hundreds of timepieces over the years. Today’s technical background allows us to create bespoke timepieces/series with either vintage or modern movements.

Future visions include deeper progression into watch movement modification/creation and further implementation of original horological concepts.


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