Why vintage/antique timepieces ?

Six reasons to bethink about private “souscription” wristwatch with antique movement

“Souscription watch” is a classic definition for pre-ordered simple watch finished personally for a customer.

1. Something special

If you started to gather your own watch collection some day you realize that you need something special. Maybe not so complicated but definitely more sophisticated. Something unusual but not ridiculous. Classic but not trivial.

Here it is. Something special.

2. A piece of history on your wrist

Yes, you can wear a bit of horological history on your wrist.

A lot of modern watch companies exploit historical facts about their brands from the past just to sell you some generic mass-production movement in fashion-designed wrapper. If you don’t want to consume horological fastfood, you can get much more interesting and real artifact from the Past.

Our “souscription” watches have original high-grade antique movements, some of them more than 100 years old. You can wear a real working piece of horological history on your wrist!

3. Why antique movements?

Since XVIII century the best human brains and hands have been involved in making of precision instruments and chronometers. It was top-prestigious segment of craftsmanship in a World. Up to a middle of XIX century a mankind accumulated a huge practice in precision chronometry creation. Some species from 1880’s can’t be surpassed even today, despite of tecnological advances of XX century.

Now in XXI the best minds and hands on Earth are occupied in marketing communications and entertainment industry not in mechanics. Nevertheless we can still be delighted by a beautiful old timepieces, that absorbed the results of the highest human achievements in precise mechanics.

4. To combine classique and curoisity

Sometimes men like classic view watches, but would not like to get something trivial. How to make classic wristwatch more attractive? It has to be refined in original way to become a creature unlike any other. Antique style is in good demand and you may become curious to check it out. It is the main secret and we are ready to share with a key – a combination of classic style and curious antique movement inside.

5. Affordable and reliable

To be compared with modern swiss watches, our products are priced close to ETA-standard simple watches. Our watches are not cheap, but it’s cost is less than some original strap or buckle from high brand.

Our main goal is high quality. It takes a time. We do out best to deliver you original preserved antique movements in nice looking cases. All our watches are fully working and good vintage timekeepers.

6. Piece unique

Each of our “souscription” watch is one-of-a-kind, only one piece made. Even if we want to make two the same watches, it is very hard to find two identical antique movements. So you can be sure your “souscription” wristwatch is Piece Unique.

Expert horological connoiseour will be surprised with it. Every mechanical watch enthusiast will be impressed seeing 100-years old mechanical movement on your wrist.

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