AW Watch Co Waltham pocket watch restoration

A restoration project for antique pocket watch made by American Waltham Watch Company. This pocket watch stored in family since 1900’s, probably some moisture accident occured.

Basically not too bad initial condition, some rust issues seen on winding crown and inside. Hands, crystal, bow are lost. A lot of dust usually seen in these older pocket watches.

First we clean the case, nice dog face appeared. It was really an excercise to extract rusty crown from the case.

We keep original inner part (stem) and turn inside other crown to exchange.

New crown installed (not exactly new, it’s from old stock). Case and dial washed also in ultrasound cleaning machine.

Gold bow added to complete case works. Old stock parts.

The movement before restoration. Stuck with dust and old dry oil remains. 

After full cleaning and oiling started running well, but needs testing and some final adjustments.

Interesting detail: number on balance cock corresponds to movement serial number.

Next stage: hands fitting from vintage old-stock cards. Ask customer to choose what hands will be most desirable.

According to owner’s choice rose gilt hands fitted. Old-stock ultra-thin mineral crystal mounted.

Work complete, pocket watch is ready to wear.

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