ZENITH SURF 2572C, chocolate dial, 1970’s

Perfectly fit vintage ZENITH SURF in stainless steel case. Original unpolished and unrestored condition. made by famous Zenith manufacture from Switzerland well-mannered actual design and collectible preserved condition stainless steel case in original polishing fully labelled with ZENITH signatures original unrestored chocolate … Continue reading “ZENITH SURF 2572C, chocolate dial, 1970’s”

Ulysse Nardin gold watch case making

This project will show rather simple case production in classic “antique” design. We will reconstruct the traditional manual wristwatch case making process of early 1900’s. Old Swiss Movement A little noble movement to make a new watch. This one was produced in 1890’s by Ulysse Nardin manufacture based on LeCoultre … Continue reading “Ulysse Nardin gold watch case making”

Audemars Piguet Minute Repeater Tourbillon – new watch case manufacturing

Alternative casing for complicated Audemars Piguet timepiece We will talk about a really complex Audemars Piguet Swiss watch, the minute repeater model. Why is this watch so clever? Because the tourbillon turns the oscillating system around its axis once in a … Continue reading “Audemars Piguet Minute Repeater Tourbillon – new watch case manufacturing”

“Scarab Beetle” gold pendant watch restoration, ca 1850’s

Very rare pendant watch made in Switzerland circa 1850’s. Being a sacred symbol in Ancient Egypt, “Scarab amulet” artifacts became quite popular in age of manifold Egypt expeditions. These “Beetle” watches were spectacular ladies gadget pending on a longer gold chain. Solid gold hand-made case with finely … Continue reading ““Scarab Beetle” gold pendant watch restoration, ca 1850’s”

F.L.Loebner Berlin/Reich Chronograph Minerva cal.10, 46mm, 1930s

For complicated chrono watch fans and collectors, hard to find early military purpose MINERVA chronograph in very good condition. – branded by Third Reich official supplier – made by famous Minerva manufacture from Switzerland – collectible mono-pusher chronograph – rare … Continue reading “F.L.Loebner Berlin/Reich Chronograph Minerva cal.10, 46mm, 1930s”

H.R.Ekegren mainplate pattern refinish

А weekend job Last week I cased one homeless pocket watch movement made in 1880’s by a famous danish watchmaker Henri-Robert Ekegren from Copenhagen. H.R.Ekegren worked for top horological companies Jules Jurgensen, Winnerl Paris, Golay Geneva etc. In 1891 Ekegren manufacture was taken over by Edouard Koehn, Patek Philippe … Continue reading “H.R.Ekegren mainplate pattern refinish”