Touchon & Co, rose gold & enamel minute repeater, ~1890’s

Custom made gold watch with minute repeater function

The project completed back in 2012. We crafted gold watch based on minute repeater movement made by famous Swiss “Touchon & Co” company. The case we made is 44 mm in diameter, pretty comfortable size to wear.

An uncommon case with the “dogs’ heads” lugs, a hand-painted hot enamel dial.

This high-grade movement made by old Swiss makers Touchon & Co. It was a satellite-brand of Audemars Piguet based in Les Brassus, Switzerland.

You can check video with sound:

This gold case was designed to provide some extra space for gongs resonation. It makes repeater sound loud and clear, probably the most important feature for repeater watch casemaker.

The video was taken when the case lugs were still unfinished, that’s why it looks yellow-ish after soldering. We could not polish these lugs, because the polishing would erase off that wonderful lugs relief. Treatment with a grinding brush disk helped to take off all the yellow layer, leaving an untouched cast relief.

Left and right dogs are different and mirrored. In their teeth they hold the spring-var for strap.

The lugs were made by vax 3D printer and casted in gold. The model and high­resolution casting made such detail as folds, teeth and fur. The eyes are dark saphire, looking pretty serious.

Detailed cast shows the smallest nuances.

To be honest, these dogs lugs were made to express a hunting scene on face, but customer decided to make a marine-theme dial with flagship.

Questions and answers about the project:

1. What dial technique was used?

It’s hot enamel, the same as works of ancient dial makers on a metal base with counter-enamel back. The ship is hand-drawn inside enamel layer with a multiple firing in kiln.

2. How/where to buy this watch?

It was ordered by customer as an investement. Feel free to email us to get contacts if you wish to purchase it from current owner.

3. Can you make a similar watch, but with an other theme?

Yes, sure. We can make a watch on the theme you want with etching and special hand-drawn hot enamel dial. Moreover, we can produce a series of such watches with modern movements, and this will probably be beneficial, than doing single project.

4. What glass is in the watch?

In this project we have used saphire glass, frontal is sperical and a bit outstanding. We can make mineral and saphire kinds of glass.

5. And is it possible to make the same case with ears from silver or stainless steel?

It wouldn’t be possible to make it out of steel, as it’s hard to soldier or cast it, but machiening a piece of metal to make them is really hard.

From silver we can make them, but really better would be to make a series of them.

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