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This Freemasons pocket watch from the 1930s-1940s, notable for its unique triangular shape,  is a rare discovery that features intricate Masonic relief work on its case and distinct hands adorned with Compasses Masonic symbols.


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Its Swiss-made OM 125 movement, typical of its era, boasts 15 jewels, though lacks modern shockproofing. Recently serviced for optimal performance, it now runs reliably and is backed by a 12-month warranty for added peace of mind. Encased in nickel-chrome plating, this watch promises durability while maintaining a unique aesthetic.

The Freemasons are a fraternal organisation that dates back to the later half of the 13th century, making them the oldest known fraternal organisation in the world. Highly enigmatic in their practices and purpose, the group have been the subject of endless conspiracy, including everything from pulling the strings of government and planning assassinations. Historical figures such as the Founding Fathers, politicians, and celebrities of past and present have been suspected of being members of this male-exclusive organisation.



  • Original case
  • Original crystal
  • Original crown

Dial and Hands

  • Original dial and hands
  • Masonic symbol indices
  • Unique Ornamental Hand design


  • Width 55mm
  • Height 50 mm.
  • Thickness 10 mm

Testing Results

  • Testing duration: 1 week cyclic test.
  • Average timekeeping range: 20-50 sec/day.

Servicing and Guarantee

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