2.0376 FABRICE ‘DIGI-MECH’, France 1970s

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A distinctly 70’s digi-mech, this Fabrice model is a compactly sized easy-wear timepiece. The cool silver tones work nicely with the ray of blue lines that seem to refract prismatically through the hour and minute windows. Not much can be said about the brand itself, as with many watches from this era the watch was a timekeeping tool first and a brand second, so very little is available online!

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Key Features

A classic digi-mech design, this 1970’s Fabrice is a neat easy-wear timepiece. At just 31mm, it wear small, but is not the diminutive size of a ladies watch. The top facet of the stainless steel case body is brushed, with mirror polish edges. Inside the dial are two radially shaped windows for the hour and minute wheels, which are framed by parallel blue lines originating from the left of the hour window. Splitting into two separate lines, it gives the effect of a prism refracting a beam of light! There is little information on the brand name ‘Fabrice’, we couldn’t even find other examples online. Coming from an era where a watch was a timekeeping tool more than anything else, the brand was not as important as it is now, so most of the data on these vintage brands has faded into obscurity.

Digi-mechs are far from the sort of watch that you’re used to seeing, this piece comes from the 70’s ‘electronic/digital’ era, when classical mechanical brands were competing with electronic watches and developing these kind of mechanical timepieces with digital display complications. Fun fact – 99% of those advanced electronic digital watches are now dead and non-repairable, due to the degradation of the integrated electronic components. However, the horological digi-mech creations are still alive and running, and with regular servicing will continue to do so for 100+ years.

NOTE: It is strictly recommended that you do not move the hour discs backwards, and only move them forwards to avoid any maladjustment of the jump-hour springs.

Servicing and Guarantee

This timepiece has been serviced with full disassembly. Make sure to follow the usage and care guidelines.


Case and Strap

  • Stainless steel case body.
  • Steel screw-down caseback.
  • Steel winding crown.
  • Acrylic crystal.
  • Splashproof/weatherproof.


  • Width w/ crown: 32mm
  • Width w/o crown: 31mm
  • Height: 36mm
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Strap: 18mm

Dial and Hands

  • Rounded rectangular silver tone dial.
  • Hour and minute windows.
  • Blue ‘prismatic’ lines.
  • ‘Fabrice’ signature on right side of dial.


  • French-made movement.
  • Lorsa 238ADI calibre with digital instant jump hours module add-on.
  • 17 jewels.
  • Manual winding.
  • Simple finishing of plates and bridges.
  • Mirror polished wheels.
  • Polished screws.

Testing results:

  • Testing duration: 1 week cyclic test
  • Average timekeeping range: 15-40 sec/day

Servicing and Guarantee

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