2.0286 Yema Digi-Mech, France 1970s

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Smart looking digi-mech with a very 1970’s fume dial design and unusual round crystal. The chrome plating is in excellent condition, and the dial has some interesting edge restoration at the 12-3 position, a rare sight. The watch has undergone full servicing with disassembly in our Bristol workshop, and comes with a 12-month warranty and new 19mm black genuine leather strap.

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Key features

A classic digi-mech design, unusually round dial and crystal. The chrome plated case has slight wear to it, though is still sturdy and shiny, and the patently 1970’s style fume dial is in perfect condition. The watch has an hour and minute wheel, with the minute wheel displaying the time in 5 minute increments.

NOTE: It is strictly recommended that you do not move the hour discs backwards, and only move them forwards to avoid any maladjustment of the jump-hour springs.

About Yema

Yema, France made its history and fame through professional grade diving watches. The Yema Sous-Marine was tested and used by the Jacques Yves Cousteau Calypso team, after which it became a super popular watch model in France. This watch is from the same 70’s, an era when electronic digital indication was introduced.

Servicing and Guarantee

This timepiece has been serviced with full disassembly. There is a 12-month guarantee, subject to the usage and care guidelines. The watch comes with an 20mm brown genuine leather strap with white thread detail.


Case and Strap

  • Original, 70’s tonneau style case.
  • Chrome plated.
  • Acrylic glass.
  • Stainless steel screw caseback.
  • Dustproof.
  • Black leather strap.


  • Width w/o crown: 36.5mm
  • Width w/ crown: 39.5mm
  • Full height: 41.8mm
  • Thickness: 12.5 mm
  • Strap width: 19mm

Dial and Hands

  • Original grey fume dial
  • Hour and minute jump-hour wheels
  • ‘Yema’ signature at 3.


  • French-made movement.
  • Lorsa 238ADI calibre with digital instant jump hours module add-on.
  • 17 jewels.
  • Manual winding.
  • Simple finishing of plates and bridges.
  • Mirror polished wheels.
  • Polished screws.

Testing Results

  • Testing duration: 2 weeks cyclic test
  • Average timekeeping range: 20-40 sec/day

Servicing and Guarantee

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