2.0143 Tissot / Moeris, Polychrome Offset Dial Antique Style Pocket Watch, Swiss ~1970

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Large 1970’s TISSOT/MOERIS souvenir pocket watch in the antique style of the late 1700’s. Thickly gold plated, king sized 56mm case, with large metal spacer ring, making this watch feel heavy, as if you’re holding a piece of solid gold in your hand. The dial is a complex combination of print, gold layering and enamelled underlay, and depicts a pleasant lakeside scene. The watch has undergone full servicing with disassembly at our Bristol workshop, and comes with a 12-month warranty.

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Key Features

This elegant TISSOT/MOERIS pocket watch is a large souvenir timepiece in the antique style of the later 1700’s, when miniature enamel painting was being developed and mastered by Swiss artisans. The dial is a complex combination of print, gold layering and enamelled underlay. The dial depicts a tranquil lake edge scene, showing water near grassy banks where to beach tress stand next to the water.

This particular model was made in 1970, when the Moeri Fritz company was acquired by Tissot and converted into the ‘Moeris Department’ within Tissot, Switzerland.

The movement inside the case is quite small, and has been purposed to correspond to the frontage motif design with the offset dial. Due to its large metal spacer ring, this watch is quite heavy and feels very much like a solid gold piece when held in the hand, which is also caused by the really thick, high-quality gold plating, making this heavy gold antique souvenir a very rare and interesting item, as well as an eye-catching and very beautiful one.

About Tissot and Moeris

The Moeris watch company was founded in 1893 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, by Fritza Moeri and Julius Frederic Jeanneret. The company sold high volumes of watches, producing over 10 million by 1957. Although they were a well-respected brand, the company was still fairly obscure, and not as well-known as many of its more popular watch manufactory contemporaries such as Tissot.

Moeris became part of Rayville by 1974, and during this period the company switched their production focus towards creating historical replica pocket watches. They continued in this vein for the next decade, and the Moeris brand can still be found on many pocket watches with historic designs. In 1980, ownership of Moeris passed to Tissot, and the company was relocated to Le Locle with Tissot. However, it appears to have ceased production after 1985.

Servicing and Guarantee

This timepiece has been serviced with full disassembly in our Bristol workshop. There is a 12-month guarantee, subject to the usage and care guidelines.



  • Original, circular case with flat edges.
  • Gold plated.
  • Acrylic crystal.
  • Single caseback with perlage finishing on the inside cover.
  • Small, gilt crown.


  • Width 56 mm.
  • Height 76.5 mm.

Dial and Hands

  • Original painted dial made of print, gold layering, and enamel underlay.
  • Small timekeeping dial situated just below centre.
  • Applied Roman numerals.
  • “Moeris’ signature below 12 position.
  • Dark tone ‘Breguet’ style hands.


  • Swiss-made movement.
  • Unitas 6565 caliber.
  • 17 jewels.
  • Manual.
  • Shockproof.
  • Power reserve 35+ hours.
  • Brushed plates and bridges.
  • Basic finishing of wheels.
  • Polished screws.

Testing Results

  • Testing duration: 2 weeks face up.
  • Average timekeeping range: 20-40 sec/day.

Servicing and Guarantee

Links and Resources:

About the Moeris Department Within Tissot.

Detailed Story of The Moeri Fritz Company.

Unitas 6565 Movement Specs.

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Gold plated

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50 mm and more

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