Ulysse Nardin gold watch case making

This project will show rather simple case production in classic “antique” design. We will reconstruct the traditional manual wristwatch case making process of early 1900’s. Old Swiss Movement A little noble movement to make a new watch. This one was produced in 1890’s by Ulysse Nardin manufacture based on LeCoultre … Continue reading “Ulysse Nardin gold watch case making”

255. Ulysse Nardin No 113773, Suisse, 1900s

FEATURES: Historical high-grade movement from famous Swiss brand; Precision lever 16-jewels movement with micro-regulator; Original classic signed enamel dial. Historical & antiquarian notes Original movement from Ulysse Nardin manufacture of Switzerland. Ulysse Nardin was founded in 1846, it is one … Continue reading “255. Ulysse Nardin No 113773, Suisse, 1900s”