3.0102 Le Phare Minute Repeater 49 MM Circa 1890

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Le Phare watch with repeater function striking hours, quarter-hours and minutes with two hammers on two gongs, and with a spectacular complicated movement view through crystal caseback. This movement was originally produced in the 1890’s as an expensive gold men’s pocket watch. The new wrist case was machined and finished in our workshop.

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Historical & Antiquarian Notes

Le Phare (meaning ‘lighthouse’ in French) was the first Swiss company to make repeating movements with interchangeable parts. The company developed mass-produced repeating movements and distributed them to many casing companies in Switzerland. The Le Phare repeater system was the most robust and reliable for the time. Repeating movements were usually quarter and minute types, and also differed by finishing grades (15 – 20 jewels).

Hear the difference between the Quarter and Minute repeater chime in this video.

Case, Dimensions, Strap

Custom made new wristwatch case, classic style, display back. Solid stainless steel 316L, front & back mineral crystals. The strap is all natural leather, classic black style. Both strap and case are new custom made, one piece, all new and unworn.


  • Case width w/o crown 48 mm.
  • Width w crown 49 mm.
  • Thickness 16.7 mm.
  • Full height 50.2 mm.
  • Wrist strap 18 mm.

Dial, Hands

The dial is classic hot enamel, unsigned and original to the movement. In very good condition, thinnest hairline at 3. The hands are blued steel, sub second, with no previous restorations.


The movement has a Swiss lever, 20 jewels, gold plated bridges with sand finishing. Bimetallic cut balance with screw weights, Breguet hairspring. The serial number 22543 is under dial. ‘Fast-Slow’ on regulator. Made in Switzerland circa 1890’s, all original. In good condition (9/10) with minimum wear, the mechanical status is perfect and there have been no restorations.

Technical Data and Running Notes

Advanced low-noise repeater governor, 20 ruby jewels, compensated balance with the Breguet overcoil under an unusual double-feet balance bridge.

Push top button on 12 position to activate the repeating function. The movement will strike hour numbers with a lower tone and then strike full quarter numbers with a double tone. The sound is fine, we spent many hours adjusting it perfectly.

Move hands forward only. Do not move hands when the repeater is active.

Service and Warranty

The watch has been tested for 15+ days, with winding every day at 12am. The running time is more than 32 hours, with an error of less than 30/40 seconds per day. The watch is guaranteed to keep good time for 6 months. For this timepiece we provide a 6-month mechanical fault guarantee as long as usage and care guidelines are followed correctly.

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Case material

Stainless steel

Dial tone




Size grade

46-49 mm

Year approx