Petite Sonnerie Quarter Strike Watch

Type: Pocket watch

Case: Open type, silver, 58 mm

Movement: Cylinder escapement, quarter strike “Petite Sonnerie”, independent quarter repeater

Country of Origin: France-Switzerland

Production Year: 1810 – 1820

Signed: No name

A very complex movement with two very serious complications – a quarter repeater and a quarter self-striker “Petite Sonnerie”. This watch has three barrels and three independent wheel trains. The first is for timing, the second is for the repeater, and the third is for the self-striker. The movement has 4 hammers and 4 steel gongs, each sounding in its own tone.

The origin of the mechanism is very interesting. The balance bridge has one leg in an English style, but the shape and engravings are purely French. The interior decorations are also more typical of the Franco-Swiss style. The watch is probably still French, from Decombaz, who was the supplier of particularly complex mechanisms for A. L. Breguet. This is indicated by the location of the barrels and the holes in the dial.

The design underneath the dial. The entire repeater and the main combs with hammer cams are mounted here.

The design on the back cover. The balance and counting part of the self-striker with the ‘sun wheel’ and comb are mounted here. A very interesting precision regulator with curls.

After restoring this watch, a more complete overview will be prepared – this watch deserves it. It is probably one of the most ultra-complicated pocket watch in the collection.

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