Perpetual Calendar Movement

Type: Pocket watch movement with new case

Case: Nickel, 54 mm

Movement: Escapement, with functions as follows: day of the week, month in 4-year leap year cycle, and moon phase indicator

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Production year: 1890

Signed: Perpetual Cal., serial number 15871

This is a very rare pocket watch movement with leap year perpetual calendar function. The main feature is the monthly calendar indicator of the 4-year leap year cycle, which makes one full revolution every four years. The mechanism itself is able to switch the date hand while taking into account the duration of the month – 28, 29, 30, or 31 days. The first perpetual calendar watch mechanism was invented by A. L. Breguet.

The enamel dial is perfectly preserved. Gold lunar disc with blue enamel, original blue, steel hands.

Under the dial there is a system of levers, springs, and a programmer disc, which makes one full turn every 4 years. The principal of the operation is difficult to explain, but the whole mechanism works smoothly. It is lucky that this movement didn’t fall into the hands of an unprofessional.

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