636. No Name/ LeCoultre & Co. with Rare Dial, 48 mm, Switzerland, 1880’s

Vintage movement from a gold pocket watch, now in a new steel case. Very rare dial, silver with carvings and gold appliques. Original gold crown. The ‘lily’ (fleur-de-lys) shaped hands are dark blue. The mechanism is based on a LeCoultre & Co high-quality workpiece, with jewels in the bezels.  In very good condition, this watch shines, shimmers, and plays beautifully in the light – it is much more impressive than it looks in the photo.

The watch is quite large and is appears interesting and eye-catching on the wrist. It is very rare to come across a watch like this, a real antique.

Body: 10/10 (like new)

Watch face: 9/10 (near perfect)

Mechanism: 9/10 (near perfect)

Accuracy: 9/10 (near perfect)

The body is steel, new and custom-made, with double glazing. Movable lugs on olive mounts. Flip-down caseback. It has been polished and satin-brushed (matte). The crown is vintage, large and comfortable. In perfect condition, new case, unworn.


  • Diameter without crown 48.5 mm.
  • Width with head 53.5 mm.
  • Height of the lugs is 56 mm.

The dial is original silver with gold appliques, Roman numerals and a small second dial. The ‘lily’ hands are dark blue in colour, fine workmanship, rare and spectacular. Mineral glass, front convex. In very good condition, it looks impressive on the wrist.

The movement is based on a typical LeCoultre & Co workpiece with nickel-silver plates and bridges, and an increased grade with 17 jewels. Jewels in the screwed bezels, an expensive quality balance with adjustment screws, and a Breguet balance spiral. In very good technical and aesthetic condition, close to perfect.

The watch has been professionally serviced, the movement is precise and accurate. The set includes a new high-quality military-type wrist strap made of genuine leather.

There is a 6-month guarantee for the operation of the mechanism is, subject to the rules of operation.

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