Solid silver blank watch cases 48mm

Attention watchmakers who make new cases for old movements. Here you can buy blanks for do-it-yourself projects. Sterling solid silver case blanks are available for you.


Newly made unworn watch case, solid sterling silver (0.925).
No stem / set pin holes, you can drill it to fit your movement.

Case dimensions

  • Outer diameter 47,7 mm
  • Inner movement diameter 41,7 mm
  • Max. dial diameter 44,0 mm
  • Visible dial aperture diameter 41,5 mm


Front crystal: domed sphere mineral
Back crystal: plain mineral

PRICE (£): 250
Location: Bristol, UK
Status: Available
Please send inquiry to

Available (sold) pieces: 1 (6)

Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 1

Product location: Bristol, UK.

For EU / overseas shipping quotes please contact.


Customer’s watch movement housing service is available, please send your inquiry via e-mail

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