Patek Philippe and the Chamber of Secrets

A charming story for true pocket watch collectors.

This watch is special and unique because of its age and quality. The watch was made in 1903 by Patek Phillipe Geneve manufacture and is in an excellent condition for its 114-years age. Although the original watch box was old, with the cover cloth all rubbed and broken, has revealed its secret to us when we opened the hidden chamber…

The watch in its pack already looks like it’s just been polished and revived. Inside the box we can see special dates for Patek Philippe & Co., the box looks very original to it’s age.

The watch, as you look closer, is made of 18K gold, the hands are ornate golden and beautiful as well as the crown with a comfortable grip. The face is perfect white enamel, with arabic fonts and small seconds chapter. No restorations to case and dial was made, just basic cleaning.

The back is as elegand as the whole watch, with the pattern and the family monogram. It could be an interesting story if monogram have been identified.

Opened back shows us the movement number and “Patek Philippe & Co. Geneve” signature.

Inner side with case serial number and 18K (0,750) gold hallmarks.

Now, the movement with its number, all clean and in an exellent condition for its more than a hundredth age. The movement is also doing “its best” by always showing the right time.

Let’s not go in the detail so much now, but here is another photo of the movement, if you want to have a closer look. Standard movement cleaning and oiling was enough to make it running as new.

The Secret …

The thing I have not expected from the watch, not as much from the watch, but the box has revealed its secret to us…

…as we opened the cover inlay…

… and found a paper in there!

As the paper says, that “We draw the attention of our customers on the special stamp affixed on the watch…” , we remember the number on the watch and open the paper…

… finding the original guarantee receipt with the movement’s number and the watch sale date – 1903rd year!

The gorgeous collectible pocket watch set is complete now!

This true collector’s Patek Philippe set is proud to be passed to the next and next member of owner’s family.

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