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Sonne ('Sun' - Ger.)
Light line of timecraft

The Sun surrounds you and me, it carries light and power of life. The Sun flows in our vessels, it's kindness and energy fulfill our souls. Sun is a central sign in many cultures. Our world revolves around the Sun.

Tribute the Sun dial work by our master engraver Yuri Fomichov. Note very special tempering colour achieved for 'Serpent' shape hands, it's rare seen due to fragile temperature adjustments needed to achieve it.

SONNE features

Gold & silver hand-craft

Sonne brings the warm light of solid rose gold on hand-hammered black silver base. True hand made right as you like.

Silver hand-made chapter

One can find those numerals on antique chapel clocks. Why not on your wrist?
Silver hand-engraved chapters with solid gold hour marker pieces.

Purple 'Serpent' hands

Rarely seen deep-purple steel tempering colour, hand-made and hand-finished. 


Gold Sun on silver dial

Price: 640 GBP
Available: 1 piece
Free shipping in UK/EU included

Solis - Sol - Sole - Solen - Sola - Soleil - Sonne - Sunn - Sun - Ushil - Aurinko - Sule - Sul - Saule - Saule - Sunce - Slonce - Солнце - Ήλιος - Dom - Soare - Suraj - Surya - Suri - Taeyang - Kun - Gin - Güneş - Nara - Naran - Ra - Tida - Inti - Haul - Heol - Di - Urau - Zuba - Tali - Awa - Matahari - Tona

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First series includes 100 timepieces limited series

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