Irish Lucky Clover
Life line of timecraft

Find the lucky clover on your watch face! Lucky four-leaf clover is a symbol of Ireland, SEAMAIR means 'clover' in Irish. While green is usual naional colour of Ireland, blue tone hands is closer to St.Patrick's official blue tone found on ancient images.

Every timepiece of SEAMAIR model has different clovers layout, so only one four-leaf lucky clover is hidden somewhere on the dial. Find your happy clover and have another happy day on your life line!

SEAMAIR features

Unique dial pattern

Every dial is being made individually, so your happy clover dial will be unique. Check photos and find all happy clovers there.


Talented master engraver Yuri Fomichov creates SEAMAIR dial pattern from scratch. Gently kept inside the timepiece, his art sends good vibes to the World.

St. Patrick touch

Fresh blue hands tone is closer to St. Patrick's colour, patron of Ireland.

For Ireland fans, read about St. Patrick. We offer hand-made niello sterling silver dials for reasonable price.


Your lucky clover

Price: 600 GBP
Available: 1 piece
Free shipping in UK/EU included

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