1586. Antique Longines ‘Gothic-Deco’ Wristwatch, Switzerland, 1915

A very early model from the world-famous company LONGINES. During the First World War, such watches were used mainly for professional purposes – cavalrymen, drivers, and the military. For wristwatches of the early 20th century, dimensions of about 32-35 mm are typical, but here the largest size is 40 mm, excluding the crown. The serial number is the same on the case and on the mechanism, according to the Longines catalogue of numbers, it corresponds to 1915.

Elegant enamel dial with an interesting Art Deco style font with a Gothic touch. For 1915, this watch does look unusual – a wristwatch instead of the usual pocket watch, an avant-garde interpretation of the Gothic, and an unusually large size.

This watch has both pros and cons. Among the disadvantages, there is a crack on the lid (sealed inside with a sealant, so that it does not affect the work), and there are many cracks and chips on the edges of the enamel (but which are not visible when worn). The undoubted advantages to the watch are its comfortable and moderately large size, an early-type case with branding, and the famous bold Art Deco style.

This watch looks like an exceptional historical artifact, the movement is clear and precise, and counts down the time with high accuracy. The mechanism has been serviced and oiled, and the new crown mainspring provides more than 35 hours of running time. There is a 12-month guarantee for the work of mechanics.

Body: 7/10 (good)

Watch face: 7/10 (good)

Mechanism: 8/10 (near perfect)

Accuracy: 8/10 (near perfect)

Early type nickel-case, which still resembles the shape of a pocket watch. Movable lugs-brackets on ‘olives’ mounts, the crown is in a conveniently tight-fitting silver casing. The back cover is hinged, with the “EFCO LONGINES” brand and the serial number (which coincides with the mechanism). Everything looks very good and works harmoniously.


  • Diameter 40 mm.
  • Width with crown 43.5 mm.
  • Space between the lugs is 45 mm.

The dial is enamel, with a rare Arabic numeral font in the Gothic-Deco style, signed “Longines” in italics (there are cracks and chips at the edges, going under the rim). The hands are dark blue, including a small second hand and dial. Antique mineral glass, convex, harmoniously continues the shape of the case. It looks great on the wrist and the enamel has undergone no restorations.

Anchor escapement of the old Longines brand caliber 15.26, the caliber code is stamped on the plate. Plates and bridges in gilt, 15 ruby jewels, a large “LONGINES” signature and a serial number on the bridge. Thermocompensated split balance wheel with adjustment screws. The mechanics are in very good condition, everything functions briskly and clearly, and the new balance axis ensures high accuracy.

The mechanics are in perfect order, the watch has undergone maintenance, oiling and testing – the average accuracy of the stroke is within 30 seconds/day. The set includes a new high-quality, military-vintage style strap made of thick genuine leather, width of 20 mm.

The operation of the mechanism is guaranteed for 12-months, subject to the rules of operation.

STATUS: UNAVAILABLE (removed from the collection)