1568. Patek Phillipe ‘Visitor’ Watch, Steel, 48 mm circa. 1883

A spectacular PATEK PHILIPPE vintage caliber from 1880 – 1885, according to the serial number (see catalogue), with an original enamel dial and gold hands. The Visitor Watch is a ‘guest watch’ with a horizontal dial arrangement – Tiffany & Co. once formulated this concept. When a male guest would come to visit a lady, he would take off his watch and place it on the side table; with this horizontal design it shows off the watch – and the time – very well.

The watch has an early version of the ‘Gondolo’ in-house caliber, a very recognizable catalogue movement. The famous pocket watches series ‘Chronometro Gondolo’ was born from this movement.

Previously, the movement was housed in a pocket watch, but the case was long ago melted down for gold scrap. Thankfully, this valuable movement was treated with respect and was preserved along with the entire enamel dial. As part of the “Subscription Watches” project, we restore high-class antique movements, and create new wristwatch cases for them, working to revive old forgotten vintage devices that are worthy of being shown off on the wrist for all to admire the quality of work.

The mechanism has been serviced and lubricated, and there is a 12-month guarantee for the mechanism. The set includes a new high-quality genuine leather wrist strap with hypoallergenic lining. This watch is memorable, a piece of the history with a twist, that tells us something interesting about the history of the world of watchmaking.

Body: 10/10 (like new)

Watch face: 10/10 (like new)

Mechanism: 8/10 (good)

Accuracy: 9/10 (near perfect)

The case is new, custom-made steel in a classic style, with display caseback. The dial is turned 90 degrees, the crown is a gold coated original antique. In perfect condition, new case, unworn.


  • Diameter without crown 48 mm.
  • Width with crown 55 mm.
  • Lug to lug is 57 mm.

The dial is original enamel, large Roman numerals in the French style, large gold numerals with 5-minute markings. Signed “PATEK PHILIPPE & Co GENEVE”. The carved hands are ‘Louis XIV’ style, there is an additional small second hand with a tail. Slightly convex, natural mineral glass. The enamel is in perfect condition without any previous restorations; it looks even better in person than it looks in the photo.

Swiss Patek Philippe movement of an early Gondolo caliber with 17 jewels, gold-plated plates and bridges with dark blue screws. Wolf’s teeth gears. Pallet fork with ‘Moustache’ counterweight type of the finest quality, with mirror chamfers (a standard of the Geneva Brand). Expensive balance with gold adjustment screws, bimetallic thermocompensation, and a Breguet balance spiral. Despite the traces of time, the watch is technically and aesthetically close to perfect, it functions clearly and accurately.

The watch has undergone preventive maintenance, has been lubricated, tested, and runs with excellent accuracy (the error on the wrist is less than 15-25 seconds per day). The set includes a new high-quality wrist strap made of genuine leather with a hypoallergenic lining and a folding clasp.

There is a 12-month warranty for the operation of the mechanism, subject to the rules of operation.

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STATUS: UNAVAILABLE (removed from the collection)