1513. Cesar Racine (Zenith) Rare Watch with Quarter and Minute Strikes, Grande Sonnerie Minute Repeater Carillon, 46 mm, White Gold, 1890’s

A rare antique watch movement in a new, custom-made white gold case. This device combines the functions of the Grande Sonnerie Carillon Supersonnerie and the integrated minute repeater. Designed by the Swiss company Cesar Racine (address: 2 avenue du Nouveau-College, Le Locle, Switzerland), who run a small studio that creates super-highly complex movements for Swiss watch brands. This type of caliber has been used by the most famous watchmaking companies, such as Zenith, Audemars Freres, and others. Initially, the mechanism was in a gold pocket watch case, however this case went a pawnshop many years ago. This valuable movement now has its own custom-made case made of white gold; the gallery includes photos of the case production process.

The Grande Sonnerie Carillon Supersonerie is one of the most prestigious watch complications. The watch automatically strikes the time every 15 minutes, like the Kremlin Chimes. At the numeral 6 position there is a button that activates the strike in the same way as a minute repeater, on the sidewall there is a small mute slider for night-time mode. The size of the movement is a special rarity, it is significantly smaller than the usual 45 – 46 mm, and even in the case, along with three gongs, the diameter of the watch is just 45.7 mm.

The movement has two barrels, one for running and one for striking. The mechanism is wound by the crown in two directions: clockwise by the combat spring, counterclockwise by the strike spring. The strike is implemented by three hammers on the gongs, and the melodic chime is usually called a Carillon. A clever system of combs and springs ensures that the strike is mounted under the dial. You can watch a video of the entire complex system, here.

This watch is exhibited via the terms of the Market. It is possible to communicate with the owner of the watch directly regarding an inspection, and a discussion of the price and terms of purchase. Any checks and examinations are at the expense of the buyer.

Body: 9/10 (near perfect)

Watch face: 9/10 (near perfect)

Mechanism: 9/10 (near perfect)

Accuracy: 9/10 (near perfect)

The case is made of white gold in the style of Audemars Piguet – a complex toroidal shape with rounded lugs. A glass cover is provided for viewing the operation of the mechanism. Large, comfortable crown in white gold with an oblique notch. On the sidewall there is a knob for setting the hands, and a small slider switch for turning on the silent night-time mode. Between the lugs at the numeral 6 position, there is a button for activating the minute strike. Like new.


  • Diameter without crown 45.7 mm.
  • Width with crown 51 mm.
  • Height of the lugs is 51.5 mm.

The dial is enamel with Roman numerals (there are small cracks around the small second dial). The hands are blued steel, natural convex mineral glass. Overall, in generally very good condition, only small traces of time emphasize the age of the object.

Double-barrel anchor escapement with 25 jewels, gilded plates and bridges. Bimetallic thermocompensated balance with adjustment screws, and Breguet balance spiral. The minute and quarter-striking mechanics of the Grande Sonnerie are located under the dial, and three hammers and gongs are displayed on the back side. Radiation treatment of wheels with mirror chamfers and polished screws. In very good technical and aesthetic condition.

To watch a video of the repeater with sound, click here.


(IMPORTANT!) In a watch with the striking/repeater function, only move the hands forward.

Before setting the hands, it is better to disable the striking function, so as not to activate the repeater mechanism unnecessarily.

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STATUS: UNAVAILABLE (removed from the collection)