1490. Roger Tourbillon “Tortuga” Tourbillon Watch, Silver 47 mm

Roger Tortuga Tourbillon watch

Made as part of the Roger Tourbillon series, where street art intersects with horology. Here, the concept was of a graffiti pirate skull, combined with a tourbillon. A unique piece in the limited edition 100-piece series (each watch has a silver plate with an individual number).

This silver copy, number 076/100, was customized with an unusual pattern “Tortuga” (turtle) patter and received a special caseback with the ‘Jolly Roger’ pirate flag. The result is a unique watch, number 76 out of 100. At the Moscow Watch Expo, the Tortuga watch garnered interest as a successful experiment, a no other watch with this similar case style has yet been found.

The position of the crown on the left has been designed this way so that the tourbillon carriage turns in the eye of the skull. This idea is very unusual, and no company has yet created a watch with this, or even a similar design technique. The power reserve is about 40 hours, so there is no need to wind the watch during the day. If you do want to twist the crown (an enjoyable function of any mechanical watch), you can remove and twist it.

The heart of the movement is visible from the front of the watch, where the tourbillon carriage rotates directly in the eye of the skull. The mechanisms are purchased by PTS Resources (Hong Kong), and are reliable high-quality machines, from which we have already produced many custom projects. The PG Watch Manufactory (the logo is indicated on the dial and cover) offers handmade watches designed according to the customer’s sketches, within the framework of the Watch Atelier.

This new watch has not been worn, and as of yet has only been shown at the exhibition. The strap is new and there is a 12-month warranty on the mechanics.

Very large silver case with straight lugs, front bezel with screws, a sidewall with decorative grooves and an individual serial number plate. Smooth hand-carved threading around the body, black oxidized. Small skull crown, caseback with a Jolly Roger design and the PG Watch Manufactory logo.


  • Diameter without crown 47 mm.
  • Width with crown 51 mm.
  • Height of the lugs is 57 mm.

Dial with graffiti-style skull theme, with an aperture in the eye a for a tourbillon carriage. Micro-sand pattern, rhodium plated, blood-red arrows and markings. The glass is sapphire crystal, slightly sunk into the front rim to provide shock resistance.

PTS 3300 caliber movement with manual winding, 1-minute flying tourbillon function, power reserve of about 40 hours, stroke error of up to 20 seconds per day. Shockproof, polished parts, back plate with Geneva stripes and precision-grinding, dark blue screws.

The watch is new, does not require maintenance, and the movement is precise and accurate. The set includes a high-quality genuine leather wrist strap with a hypoallergenic lining.

There is a 12-month warranty for the operation of the mechanism, subject to the rules of operation.

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STATUS: Available upon request