1430. Vacheron & Constantin Ladies’ Pendant Watch, Silver 32 mm, Switzerland, 1909

Nice ladies’ pendant watch with a window and hinged front cover from the famous Geneva manufactory Vacheron & Constantin. Branded silver case, typical Vacheron caliber movement with the Maltese cross stamp, the serial number is punched both under the dial and on the bridge, and which, according to the catalogue, corresponds to about 1909.

The company Vacheron & Constantin has been around since 1755, and from the very beginning have produced expensive watches, all the while constantly striving to improve the level of quality. The company have worked continuously without ever deviating from their principles, even during difficult periods of world and watch history. Today, Vacheron & Constantin are one of the most well respected, expensive and prestigious watch brands.

The mechanism has been preventatively cleaned, oiled, adjusted, tested, and runs reliably with excellent accuracy. There is a 6-month warranty on the accuracy of the mechanism, and a choice of watch is possible.

Body: 9/10 (near perfect)

Watch face: 10/10 (like new)

Mechanism: 9/10 (near perfect)

Accuracy: 9/10 (near perfect)

The case is made of silver with three hinged lids and a hinged front welt. Front cover with an aperture for reading the time without having to open it.


  • Diameter excluding crown 32.5 mm.
  • Ring height 46 mm.  

The case is large and thick-walled, the hinges and knob for setting the hands are made of rose gold, the crown is gold coated. On the inside covers are silver samples, the Vacheron Constantin brand name, and the serial number. All lids snap together cleanly and tightly, with only a few natural traces of time from careful storage.

Original enamel dial with Roman numerals, the hands are a dark blue shade, the hour hand has two decorative circular notches for reading the time through the front aperture. Slightly convex mineral glass, very thin. Perfect condition, no cracks, original without any previous restorations (see photo).

The movement is a typical caliber of V&C production, high-class, with 15 jewels. Gilt plates and bridges, dark purple cogs. Bimetallic balance with thermocompensation and adjustment screws, Breguet balance spiral. Thin anchor fork with mirror chamfers, very high-quality processing. Under the dial “VACHERON & CONSTANTIN” is branded. High integrity, close to perfect, everything works as expected.

The watch has been professionally serviced, the movement is precise and accurate.

The operation of the mechanism is guaranteed 6 months, subject to the rules of operation.

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STATUS: UNAVAILABLE (removed from the collection)