1400. ‘Robust’ Caliber, Omega ‘DEPOSE No 9846’ Wristwatch , Silver, 1915

Early wristwatches mark the transition period from pocket to wrist form. Spectacular enamel dial with wide numerals and red 24-hour markings, expressive dark blue hands. The body is stout and dense (the diameter without the crown is 35.5 mm). The crown is large and comfortably shaped.

According to the catalogue, the serial number dates this watch back to around 1915. The final photo shows the advertisements from 1906 – 1916, which is the period during which the first wristwatches came out – first for military, and then for civilian use.

In 1903, the firm Dimier Frères & Cie patented the design of a watch case with brackets and a leather strap for wearing on the wrist – this is one of the first pieces of evidence for the emergence of the first wristwatch. The legendary patent received the number 9846, and the license was sold to several companies – it is this patent that is punched inside on the cover of this watch – “DEPOSE No 9846”.

Pay attention to how intact the dial and case are; the case is unpolished, with an old grey patina from decades of careful storage.

The work of mechanics has a 6-month guaranteed, a new high-quality wrist strap is included. At its age, the watch looks very stylish, and shows high reliability and excellent accuracy on the wrist.

Body: 9/10 (near perfect)

Watch face: 10/10 (like new)

Mechanism: 9/10 (near perfect)

Accuracy: 9/10 (near perfect)

The case is original, made of silver, in a transitional design close to that of a pocket watch. The front welt closes, with a double-hinged cover at the back. The numerals and the Omega brand name are punched on the inside of the case. From the photo, it is clear that the condition is close to perfect and looks stylishly old-fashioned.


  • Diameter without crown 35.5 mm.
  • Width with crown 38.5 mm.
  • Height of the lugs 41 mm.

Enamel dial with wide Arabic numerals, red 13 – 24-hour markings, and badge and “OMEGA” signature. Steel dark blue hands, small second dial, natural mineral glass. Perfect preservation without cracks or restorations, looks great on the wrist.

Movement with gold-plated plates and bridges, classic ‘robust’ caliber, with serial number and the Omega signature. Bimetallic split balance with thermocompensation and adjustment screws, Breguet balance spiral. In very good condition, runs reliably and accurately.

The watch is fully functional, has undergone preventive maintenance, the mechanics are in excellent condition, suitable for everyday wear.

There is a special feature on the mechanism – to set the hands, you need to pull the crown (it is pulled easily), with a slight twist along the axis.

The operation of the mechanism is guaranteed for 6 months, subject to the rules of operation. The set includes a high-quality genuine leather wrist strap.

STATUS: UNAVAILABLE (removed from the collection)