Audemars Freres Petite Sonnerie Carillon gold case making

Gold watch case design and manufacturing Давным-давно, в далекой-далекой стране, за большие-большие деньги на крутом-крутом аукционе был куплен редкий-редкий механизм Audemars Freres… Once upon a time, in a country far-far away, for enormous money on a really-really classy auction, an unusually … Continue reading “Audemars Freres Petite Sonnerie Carillon gold case making”

384. ZENITH Tachymeter Chronograph, 1919

FEATURES: Native Zenith calibre chronograph 18 jewels movement Serial number corresponds to 1919 year of production Excellent enamel dial with multi-coloured tachymeter scale Original hands: blue steel for chrono, purple-steel for time indications Fully working condition CASE type, size: custom … Continue reading “384. ZENITH Tachymeter Chronograph, 1919”

‘St. Andrews’ gold bespoke watch with repeater and dead-beat seconds

‘St. Andrews’ piece unique Custom made repeater & jumping second, golf scene enamel dial This big gold watch ‘St. Andrews’ bespoke watch was made upon the customer’s request as a tribute to his favorite UK golf field ‘The Old Course St. … Continue reading “‘St. Andrews’ gold bespoke watch with repeater and dead-beat seconds”

ZENITH SURF 2572C, chocolate dial, 1970’s

Perfectly fit vintage ZENITH SURF in stainless steel case. Original unpolished and unrestored condition. made by famous Zenith manufacture from Switzerland well-mannered actual design and collectible preserved condition stainless steel case in original polishing fully labelled with ZENITH signatures original unrestored chocolate … Continue reading “ZENITH SURF 2572C, chocolate dial, 1970’s”

Ulysse Nardin gold watch case making

This project will show rather simple case production in classic “antique” design. We will reconstruct the traditional manual wristwatch case making process of early 1900’s. Old Swiss Movement A little noble movement to make a new watch. This one was produced in 1890’s by Ulysse Nardin manufacture based on LeCoultre … Continue reading “Ulysse Nardin gold watch case making”