“Scarab Beetle” gold pendant watch restoration, ca 1850’s

Very rare pendant watch made in Switzerland circa 1850’s. Being a sacred symbol in Ancient Egypt, “Scarab amulet” artifacts became quite popular in age of manifold Egypt expeditions. These “Beetle” watches were spectacular ladies gadget pending on a longer gold chain. Solid gold hand-made case with finely … Continue reading ““Scarab Beetle” gold pendant watch restoration, ca 1850’s”

H.R.Ekegren mainplate pattern refinish

А weekend job Last week I cased one homeless pocket watch movement made in 1880’s by a famous danish watchmaker Henri-Robert Ekegren from Copenhagen. H.R.Ekegren worked for top horological companies Jules Jurgensen, Winnerl Paris, Golay Geneva etc. In 1891 Ekegren manufacture was taken over by Edouard Koehn, Patek Philippe … Continue reading “H.R.Ekegren mainplate pattern refinish”